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Medical Education

Our bread and butter. With double the bread and triple the butter. All our writers have scientific backgrounds and extensive experience creating medical education materials across a wide range of therapy areas and sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech and veterinary medicine.

We can transform your training. Snazz your symposia. Ace your advisory boards. You’ll have a dedicated team on hand to support you throughout the whole process, from planning the content strategy right through to final approval.


Slide decks

Congress materials

Advisory boards

Training manuals


Our specialist publications writers are a unique bunch. They thrive on the commitment, time, and attention to detail it takes to deliver high-quality manuscripts. There isn’t a meme on this planet that could distract them while polishing raw data and author drafts into a shining, well-crafted publication.

Our team delight in supporting clients with the full publications journey, from identifying key journal targets and creating a publications plan to developing marketing materials around the launch


Publications planning

Manuscript writing

Systematic literature reviews

Posters and abstracts

Referencing and Editing

Few dare to step into the murky world of referencing in Veeva Vault PromoMats. A dark labyrinthian place, with gnarled anchors and perilous links. But have no fear. Our team of hardy referencers have all the tools for successful navigation.

Donned with headtorches and pickaxes, they make any referencing task a breeze. They’ll take your finished projects, upload them, anchor all the references and deliver you a project that’s ready for approval.

And if we spot anything out of place along the way, we’ll flag it and recommend how best to correct it, so you know your project has the best chance of success.

There’s nothing our team can’t support with and that includes editing and proofreading. So, if you’re near the end of a mammoth deck and need to get it Veeva-ready, send it our way. We’ll take a look and knock it into shape. Then take on all the references too!

We're ready to deliver your next medical communications project:

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