We offer a comprehensive suite of healthcare communications services, tailored for whether you’re a young start-up agency or an established multinational.

You can book us for time or specific projects. Big business win? Book 2 writers for a whole quarter. Rolling out a global campaign? Get us in to do the e-detail, leaflets and banner ads. Up against it with compliance review submission? Call on our dedicated referencing and upload service. It’s up to you. Just tell us what you need.

Here’s a snippet of what we could do for you. For more of a mouthful, click on the interactive icons:

Leave pieces

Creating a compelling brand story and distilling it through promotional materials, such as leave pieces, is at the heart of healthcare advertising. We know exactly how to build the layers of the story so each piece of collateral stands on its own.

e-Detail aids

The future of detailing is tailored content that targets the needs of each individual healthcare professional. And we’re at the forefront of their creation. Our e-detail builds start from the beginning, understanding the conversations sales teams are having with customers and how our content can facilitate a slick, professional call that drives home the product benefits.

Articles & blogs

Our writers can support brand building efforts through thought-leading articles and blogs, designed to engage readers and encourage search traffic.


When the right mix of needs-driven strategic thinking and boundary-pushing creativity meet, ads can reach out of the page and grab your heart with both hands. That’s where we sit. Right in the middle of that mix. Creating powerful, single-minded ads that compel the audience.


Data can be so exciting. We help our clients make the most of theirs, with beautifully designed infographics that turn complex data into easily digestible content for use across multiple channels.


Writing for the web? Simple. And alongside our trusted developer partners, we can create anything too. WordPress? Drupal? No problem. With our experts in UX/UI, we can work with you to plan, design, write and build a website. From the ground up. We can even write, design and develop bespoke chatbots to help with lead generation.

Videos & animations

Our talented team of award-winning animators have created medical, branding, product and character animations for some of the biggest brands around. And they’re ready to take your brief.

VR, AR & mixed reality

Imagine if you could transport conference delegates to another world. Or bring a new world to sales calls. The power of virtual, augmented and mixed reality has unlimited potential and few companies are using it to its fullest. We can put you at the front of the crowd. At your next conference, you can steal the show with a bespoke, user-friendly virtual experience that brings the product story alive.


Bonjour. Hola. Ciao. Hallo. 你好。

That’s right, we Write With Bite in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese. Rolling out a global campaign to local affiliates? Say the word, we’ll translate it for you.


The content development, agendas, speaking with KOLs, briefing guides, slide kits… and the rest of the collateral. Sorted. We can support you when you’re on-site too – after slide rehearsal. Can’t be having you up all night, can we.

Advisory boards

I prepped, I came, I saw, I conquered. This, but for ad boards. We can help with the slide kits beforehand, attend the event, take notes (and record the audio) and provide a full meeting report. We could even give that report a good old polish, turning it into a sponsored supplement or consensus report. Shiny.

Training manuals

We love nothing more than dusting off our reference managers and getting stuck into something meaty. Whether it’s a new training manual for reps and KAMs to learn the background before a new product launch, or updating an existing one (perhaps from the global team), we’ll make sure it’s engaging.


Break away from linear PPTs and unwieldy paper modules with e-learning. It allows you to tailor content to best suit the learner, from getting new employees up-to-speed to fine-tuning the most experienced sales representatives. We’ll help you plan it, write the content, design the modules and develop the platform. It’ll all be trackable too, so the whole team’s learning is visible at the click of a button.

Slide kits

We love slide kits. They give us the perfect mix of science and creativity. With pinpoint referencing and clinical copy, we can take that burden off your shoulders and deliver a full package, ready for review.

Publications and literature reviews

Sometimes you just can’t beat the eclectic mix of science, words and technique that comes with writing a publication or literature review. A dash of PubMed, a hint of Microsoft Word and a pinch of Zotero, all followed with a couple of 15-year-old drams of Scotch at the end of the day. Bliss.


Our editors have troubled lives. They’re in a constant battle between wanting to correct spelling/grammar and wanting to have friends. If your an officer for the grammer police or merely a grammar enthusiast, we’re sure to get on well. Have a document full of grammatical holes? We’ll check, cut, crop and paste our way to victory.

Reference packs

We have a dedicated referencing team of robots, cyborgs, suspected humans. They crunch through reference packs with vigour and a scary amount of accuracy. We’re yet to find a job they don’t relish.

PromoMats & Zinc

Sorry about this, but imagine biting on a two pence coin or, worse still, chewing cotton wool. We know that PromoMats and Zinc can often taste this way. All that displeasure. Package it up and, poof, it’s gone. We can take it all away. Smile and have a lemon sherbet instead.

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