Pick of the podcasts: the troop’s top 10 of 2020

Podcasts now dominate the audio world. Whether you’re commuting, cooking, or cleaning the oven, there’s a podcast for every occasion – breaking the silence and providing some sweet reprieve from staring at our phone screens.

One of the (many) perks of remote working is the ability to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to deal with death stares from your desk buddy. When we’re overloaded with briefs or need something to keep us going that isn’t another cup of coffee, podcasts have become our vessel to finding that much-needed motivation.

Our troop of monsters hand-selected their podcast picks of 2020 (from a rather large selection!), and we’ve managed to wiggle it down to a top 10.

10. Good Life Project

If you’re feeling uninspired or in a creative rut, this podcast is a great listen to get you out of that funk. The hour-long episodes feature a mix of entrepreneurs, artists and average joes, who each have inspiring and motivational stories. It explores conversations that focus on how to lead a purposeful life; giving a great boost of motivation when it’s needed the most (like on Monday at 09:01).

9. The School of Greatness

A former professional football player and world record-holding athlete, Lewis Howes is more than qualified to give advice and tips on how to be successful. His podcast, The School of Greatness, discusses business and self-development, interwoven with a variety of other thought-provoking topics such as fitness, nutrition, spirituality, mental health and human rights. This one isn’t just a hit with Word Monster, it regularly appears on the iTunes top 50 podcast chart, and has featured some famous faces (Julianne Hough, Scooter Braun, Alanis Morrissette and Tony Robbins). It might not be able to make you a world-class athlete, but if you’re wanting to hear first-hand how to succeed, this is the perfect podcast for you. 

8.  Get Busy Living

Sometimes we all feel as though we’re stuck in the mud and not moving forward. For times like these, this podcast is great for helping change your outlook on a busy life – getting you past that rut and giving you the push that you need to reach your goals. Hosted by Benny Hsu (pronounced ‘Shoe’) this podcast focuses on the principles of success and how to change your thinking to unlock your full potential.  

 7. The Daily Boost

We don’t always have time to listen to an hour-long podcast – sometimes we only have 10 minutes in between client meetings to nip for a wee and make another cuppa. If you’re short on time, the Daily Boost is a great 10-minute listen to help you power through the day. It’s been known to work better than a double espresso (we cannot validate this claim – no references available!).

6. The Fizzle Show

Boasting over 5 million downloads, it’s clear to see why The Fizzle Show is such a great hit with listeners. This podcast focuses on self-employment, productivity and trying to find that legendary work-life balance. If you’re self-employed or wanting to start your own business (2021 is the perfect year for a new start!) then give this one a listen to get you on the train to success-ville.

5. Optimal Living Daily  

Another quick listen if you don’t have the time to dedicate to an hour-long episode. Optimal Living Daily focuses on topics to help you improve different parts of your life. Some of the areas covered include productivity, fitness and mental health – keeping you as close to 100% as you can be. As if the podcast wasn’t enough to fill your boots, there’s an accompanying blog to take a look at too: maximum potential!  

4. The Sarah and Dr Brooke Show

Ladies – this one’s just for you. This podcast, hosted by Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist Dr Brooke Kalanick, is dedicated to helping women live their biggest and best lives, offering expert advice on fitness, hormones, health and happiness. From developing better eating habits to troubleshooting your sleeping pattern, this podcast eliminates the cost of a life-coach and delivers all the help you need from the comfort of your own sofa.               

3. High Performance Podcast

Want to know how people at the top made it up the mountain? This podcast offers advice on non‑negotiable behaviours that successful individuals employed to reach the summit (and to keep them up there). Hosted by television presenter and journalist Jake Humphrey (with the expertise of Professor Damian Hughes), it offers a great insight into the lives of high‑achieving individuals. Previous guests include Rio Ferdinand, Ant Middleton, Tom Daley, Kelly Holmes and Chris Hoy; a great choice for someone aiming for greater heights.  

2. Today in Focus

It’s often hard to find reliable information while avoiding fake news. If you want to keep up-to‑date with world events, but don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the abundance of stories, this podcast is a great 20-minute dose to help dip your toe into world news. Anushka Ashthana delivers both the good and bad in a digestible and panic-free way, while asking expert guests the questions we all want the answers to. A great way to keep up‑to‑date with current events, without having to listen to Piers Morgan badgering guests (or calling them snowflakes) every morning. 

1. The Calmer You Podcast

The world of MedComms can often become overwhelming, and it’s important to take a step back to avoid feeling all‑consumed by modern life. Hypnotherapist, anxiety expert and author, Chloe Brotheridge, created this podcast to offer handy tips and advice on managing anxiety and taking the time out to breathe. It focuses on helping you to silence your inner critic and move forwards with confidence. Take some time away from the desk, listen to this podcast, take large deep breaths and gather your thoughts… you’ll come back good as new, ready to take on the day.