Meet the Monsters

Toothy has a new buddy to write with at Word Monster HQ.

Last week we welcomed David Wright to the team – monster codename Ruffle – and it was a blast.

David has a bombardment of career accomplishments that include a master’s in pharmacology, PhD in molecular physiology, postdoc and an array of large-calibre publications.

He joins us from Real Science, where he spent time on the front lines in the accounts team, before breaking ranks to train as a medical writer under the best Scientific Director I’ve ever known.

With our medical writing offering strengthened, we’re able to provide even more of the good stuff and take another step closer to our first mission: to become the go-to writing agency that supports other healthcare agencies in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector.

At Word Monster, we make our words simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and use stories – so that your words resonate and stick in the mind. We call this Write With Bite.

Write With Bite is what’s known as our Commander’s Intent. It is the core of every order. It specifies both the plan and the desired end-state of any and all projects.

If you have a medical copywriting or medical writing project that needs a nibble or a gnaw then email us today.