About Siggy

Dr Kaylyn TousignantSenior Writing Monster

My favourite part about my PhD was writing my thesis (an unpopular opinion, I know). I loved sorting through data, pulling out key findings and sculpting them into a compelling story that would catch the attention of readers from any background. During that time, I quickly realised I wanted a different career in science than what I had originally anticipated.

After completing my PhD in 2019, I jumped straight into a medical writing role with a biotech company in Brisbane, Australia. Over the past few years, I have gained valuable experience across a range of therapy areas including metabolic disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, neurodegenerative diseases and all things related to the human microbiome. Having now worked as a medical writer in academic, industry and agency settings, I have learned to tailor my writing to suit any type of audience.

To me, medical communication holds an important place in medicine. My goal is to translate the latest science and medical research in an engaging and accessible way to scientific audiences and the general public alike, helping ensure that medical advancements can reach those who will benefit the most.