About Nibbler

Dr Nicola HumphrySenior Writing Monster

After a decade long career in software engineering, I decided to start focusing on the building blocks of the human body and undertook a PhD focussed on the molecular/cell biology of a cancer-associated protein.

I gained experience with a medical communications agency during my final year and immediately fell in love with the work. From there, I set about carving a path into medical writing as soon as I graduated back in 2018.

I’ve worked across a truly broad range of therapy areas in my career, from virology and oncology, to dermatology, pulmonary disorders, and trauma. Most recently I have produced slide decks for medical education in spinal muscular atrophy, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and integrative medicine; written review articles on epithelial barrier dysfunction and allergy; and worked on publications in glioblastoma and oral squamous cell carcinoma.

I also regularly provide medical writing support for symposia – generating fully referenced slide decks for presentations. My extensive portfolio includes symposium review articles for the European Medical Journal and I have worked with a number of academics to produce peer-reviewed publications of original research.