About Meggle

Megan SharrockAssociate Writing Monster

From academia to med comms — a common theme for many medical writers. For me, I had grown red of laboratory work and the pressure that came with failed experiments. As my PhD came to an end, I found that I still had a passion for research, but academia wasn’t for me. My writing me away from the laboratory was what I enjoyed most and led me to the world of med comms!

My PhD was based on haemophilia and the musculoskeletal complications associated with the disease. This was the perfect project for me coming from a biomedical background. Since high school, I wanted to be a scientist. After completing a BSc in Biomedical Science, I went on to complete a MSc in Industrial Biotechnology as well as a brief stint in the biologics industry. Throughout my studies I found an interest in toxicology and regenerative medicine, which led me to my PhD combined with another MSc in Tissue Engineering.

Now I am a part of the Word Monster team and looking forward to the med comms journey ahead of me. I am passionate about having a positive impact through my work and at Word Monster I can do this for our clients, their customers and the wider population.