About Hyggle

Dr Tamsyn ForsythSenior Writing Monster

Following a dedicated stretch in further education, during which time I gained my BSc in Nutritional Biochemistry, a PhD in developmental biology and an MSc in Allied Health Sciences, I came out the other side to meet the world of pharmaceutical marketing. Since then I have accrued nearly 10 years’ experience that spans medical writing, marketing strategy and healthcare advertising, and worked across a diverse range of therapy areas and project natures.

I believe that one of the best ways in which humans retain information is through storytelling. Developing tactics that tell stories to successfully achieve their intended aim or need, be it a medical deck or an experience at a congress stand, gives me enormous satisfaction.

The valuable experience I gained on hospital wards and in the community setting with patients, their families and healthcare providers during my MSc allowed me to gain a real sense of how overwhelming conditions and diseases can be to those who are living with them. It is vital that they, and the people around them, are able to gain an understanding in a sensitive way. Creating tools that help with this is a major passion of mine.

In essence, science and people(!) are complicated. Transforming technical, factual information into resonating, digestible content that achieves truly meaningful knowledge‑transfer and behavioural change is why I skip to work every day.