About Gloogee

Laura ThomStudio Manager

My route into the world of med comms is not a typical one! Following a degree in English Language, some travelling around the world and a Masters in Journalism with Documentary Practice, I worked in the TV industry. This may seem far flung from where I am now but the variety of roles gave me a wealth of experience working with a wide mix of professionals.

In these roles, I developed my project management skills while working with writers as they developed their scripts and working on productions, ensuring they ran on time and budget.

I subsequently shifted my focus to medical communications and since have developed experience from roles in client services at both boutique and large healthcare marketing agencies, where my clients have included top pharmaceutical companies, OTC brands and medical device companies.

I am really excited to be part of the team at Word Monster and my role as Studio Monster really allows me to pull on my range of strengths and experience.