About Emzy

Dr Emma DawsonSEO Lead (SWM)

I fell madly in love with science communications during my BSc in Biotechnology (First Class Honours) and PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Technology Sydney, part of which I published in a couple of research papers in Nature and Helicobacter. While at university, I dedicated all my spare time to teaching and promoting science to the young and old alike.

After leaving the ‘academic nest’ (graduating) in 2018, I pursued my passion for science and comms in Toulouse, France, where I was a science writer for a globally reaching company that develops products for innate immunity research. It is here that I honed my creative writing skills and expanded my knowledge while developing a range of different materials including slide decks, product sheets, literature reviews, infographics, animations, and market analyses.

My background spans microbiology, infectious diseases, and immunology – but what I love most about medical writing is the opportunity to learn about new areas of research. Ultimately, what I live to do is to take complex scientific information, transform it into an understandable and memorable story, and evoke change in the way people think about science.