About Doozle

Abi CollierFinance Monster

Having a love for numbers isn’t something you tend to shout about in a bar over a drink, but it is something I have always enjoyed!

While I was at college, doing a selection of subjects I really didn’t enjoy, I decided to take a leap of faith & started working part time for an accountancy firm, I don’t think I really knew what accountants did at that point.

After a year of working 2 half days a week, I convinced them to take me on as a full time apprentice, I completed my AAT qualification with them & learnt so many valuable skills.

A year after I completed my AAT, I had the amazing opportunity to train further in my other passion, ballet. I made the decision to leave the accountancy firm & train full time as a dancer.

A few injuries later & I realised I needed to start doing a desk job again & just dance for fun.

Rather than heading back to an established accountancy firm, I set up my own company as a bookkeeper & I have never looked back.

I love helping small businesses with their numbers & taking away that headache!