About Bimble

Sarah EdgeworthSenior Editing Monster

After completing my degree in chemistry, I jumped straight into clinical healthcare as a healthcare assistant in A&E in Cambridge. Here, I managed to combine my love of science and learning with my passion for talking to people. Two years later, I moved to Bristol to continue my healthcare career on the emergency ambulances.

In 2018, after some inspiration and guidance from my medical writer sister, I decided to try medical editing; a job that I never previously knew existed, but now immensely enjoy. As an editor I have worked on a variety of therapy areas in MedComms and regulatory medical writing, as well as on non-academic creative media. Alongside traditional editing, I often get involved with fact checking and referencing; I love getting into the nitty-gritty of medical research.

Becoming a medical editor was a huge career change for me, but one that I have never regretted. It allows me to help patients in a completely different way to before, but in a way that has a similar effect on patients’ lives (although you can still occasionally find me in green, whizzing around Bristol on blue lights!)