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We’re medical writers who Write With Bite

Here you’ll find senior writing expertise that’s all in one place.

Our culture attracts top talent. We’re family friendly, flexible to the max-core and we pay overtime when projects demand it. Being a global and 100% remote-working team means we’re not fixed to a single location or tied to 9-to-5 hours. We hire the right people, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. And that’s why you’ll only be working with senior, experienced writers.

Live the easy life. Get access to an entire team of writers, editors and referencers. It will save you time and pain. Solve your medical writing needs now with one email or phone call.

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What we do

We can help you with every aspect of healthcare advertising and medical communications – we love supporting with brand positioning, campaign generation, competitor awareness and tactic brainstorming. Or if you’ve already laid the strategic groundwork then we can craft those materials of yours: adverts, video scripts, e-detail aids and patient leaflets right through to websites, symposia slides and advisory board reports. Find out more.

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Get in touch

Word Monster can supercharge your content, projects and accounts. We support the world’s top pharmaceutical companies across the globe, both directly and in collaboration with our agency partners. We also work with start-ups, charities and research organisations. Contact us and we’ll be in touch to talk about how we can help you.