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What’s the point of creating amazing healthcare content if no-one can find it? Or building an industry shaping med comms agency that customers don’t know exists?

There is a huge need for search engine optimisation in the healthcare industry. And we have the specialists who can really help you. They’re SEO experts with a scientific background. Writers with a deep understanding of both SEO and healthcare, who can optimise your current resources and create new content to boost your traffic into the stratosphere.

We can even produce monthly Google traffic and SEO reports to track improvements and develop enticing copy for your paid advertising. So, you can be sure that the right people are finding you.

SEO review

Keyword research

Page optimisation

Content marketing

Monthly traffic reports

Paid advertising content

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality is more than just being able to work in the Bahamas while actually laying on the sofa in Warrington. It’s a chance to immerse your customers in the science of your product. To bring your content truly alive.

At Word Monster, we firmly believe VR and AR are the future of med comms and we’re at the forefront of it.

All you need to do is say you’re interested, and we’ll swoop you up in our pixelated arms. We’ll bring you into our brainstorming sessions, chat through how we can get the most out of the technology and then use our partners to build the experience for you. We can even advise on the right kit if you’re attending a conference.

Creative brainstorming and idea generation

Equipment suggestions and planning

Content creation

Experience development

Equipment sourcing and hire

Event attendance and support

Digital materials

How many doctors does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is, of course, zero. What doctor has time to change a lightbulb!? That’s the challenge all agencies face in the modern world – how do we actually get our materials in front of healthcare professionals?

Digital sales materials have never been more important. Whether it’s remote detailing via Veeva or an educational web hub, online resources are the go-to tools for busy doctors.

And at Word Monster, our digital experts are well versed in delivering a variety of projects. We can help you plan them, write them and even work with partner agencies to develop them for you.

Digital materials including websites, e-details, and emails

Online advertising, including digital banners and social media

Full project support from concept to delivery

Help with legacy and incumbent projects

Choose a writing team that truly understands digital in healthcare

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