We’re not hiring right now

Sorry, we’re full at the inn right now. Probably settling in some new monsters or taking our foot off the pedal for a bit. Feel free to drop us a line to say hi if you like. Defo pop back again in the future to see what’s about, or check out our current casual hours or freelancing opportunities.


If you’re interested in a remote working position that lets you put your own life first, then look no further.

By joining our Word Monster core team, you’ll experience the complete stability and security of a permanent role, while enjoying the freedom of our life-first culture. This means...

  • Unrivalled flexibility, so you can work in a way to suit you.

  • Paid overtime. You’ll never be expected to work beyond your core hours. But if you want to, you’ll get paid for it!

  • Supercharged perks that genuinely enhance your life outside of work, from private healthcare to a quarterly wellbeing budget.

This is far from a traditional MedComms job.

The varied and fluid nature of our work means ample opportunities for you to hone your medical writing and expand your therapy area knowledge. We recognise that career progression isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, so whichever direction you’d like to take your role, we’ve got your back.

We’re also passionate about empowering our writers to help drive the future of Word Monster. Ever heard of intrapreneurship? It’s the act of bringing entrepreneurial thinking and skills to an existing company, and it’s a big part of our culture at Word Monster. If you have an idea for an initiative beyond your day-to-day role, we’ll give you the tools and support to get you off the ground.

It’s medical writing, Jim. But not as you know it.


Want to learn more? Check out our job boards below:


You’ve done it.

You’ve made the leap and gone freelance.

But it’s been anything but plain sailing. Sure, it’s great setting your own hours and choosing who you want to work with, but in the words of a well-known Marvel superhero, with great power comes great responsibility.

You’re hustling for new clients, you’re doing all the admin, and you’re even sorting your own *gulp* taxes! But all these extra tasks means less time for paid client work, not to mention your own training and development.

Plus it can get a little lonely being a lone wolf, right?

What if you could have ultimate freelance freedom, while being backed by a friendly, thriving MedComms agency?

That’s exactly what you’ll get if you join our Word Monster freelance support team.

At Word Monster, we’re constantly on the lookout for smart, talented freelance medical writers. Working with freelancers means we can pull in extra resource as and when we need to, giving us the agility to adapt to situations with ninja-like flexibility. For you, this means fun and varied project work across a dizzying array of clients and therapy areas.


As a member of our freelance support team, you’ll still get to be your own boss and work on your own terms. But you’ll get a heap of extra perks, such as:

Freelance freedom

You went freelance so you could dictate your own schedule, but it feels like you’ve swapped your 9-to-5 for 24/7. You’re taking any project that comes your way, as who knows what next month will bring? But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Word Monster you’ll never have to worry about where your next piece of work is coming from, so you can step off the treadmill and relax. Now THAT’S what we call freelance freedom.

Project management

Love writing but less keen on the admin? Our studio monster will coordinate your bookings, introduce you to your clients and sort out all the invoicing (no more chasing payments). We’re also fully insured, so you’ll be covered for all scenarios. This means that all you need to focus on is delivering great work. And the best part? We won’t work with any clients that aren’t on board with our life-first culture, which means you won’t have to, either!

Training and development

Every day is a school day at Word Monster HQ, with team training and development opportunities aplenty. As one of our fabulous freelancers you’ll get free access to our monthly ‘Monster Munch’ lunch and learn sessions, where we share our MedComms skills and experiences. You’ll also get the opportunity to join our team training sessions at subsidised group rates.

Community support

As part of our extended team, you’ll be invited to join our Word Monster Skype chat, a fun and lively forum where you can keep in touch with your team of fellow writers and editors. Have a niggly grammar query? Looking for accountant recommendations? Or maybe you’re just looking for a killer choc chip cookie recipe? Whatever challenge you’re facing, someone in the chat will be happy to help.



"I’ve had the most amazing experience freelancing with Word Monster. Carl’s approach to work/life balance focuses on life first, which means there are never any late nights or unnecessary pressures. I have full control of my own time and I’ve been supported in every decision I’ve made, whether that’s to reduce my working days or change-up of accounts.

And the best part is the team includes some of the most brilliant people I’ve met professionally. So I’ve been able to socialise with and learn from some great people. It’s the perfect blend of freelance and agency life, where you have control of your own time and working week, while still enjoying being part of a team. I’d recommend Word Monster to any freelancer."

"About 90% of my freelance work comes through Word Monster. Not just because they have plenty of work to offer me, but because I love working with them. The team is friendly and accommodating, the Skype chat board makes it clear that there are Medical Writers out there as nerdy as me, or perhaps even more so.

The project management team cheers for me when a project gets good feedback, and supports me if things don't go so well. Word Monster knows the sort of project I like to work on, and where my skills lie, and they do their utmost to offer me really interesting work - sometimes even a lovely selection of options for me to pick from!"


Excited to learn how Word Monster can support you and your freelance medical writing career?

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Casual Hours

Are you curious about a career in medical communications, but can’t commit to a permanent role?

Or maybe you fancy taking on some ad hoc work, but you don’t want the faff (and costs!) of setting up as a freelancer.

What if you don’t have to choose a fixed path? What if you could do MedComms your way?

Whether you’re looking for a few hours’ work while your little one is at preschool, or you’re raising funds to kick off your new business venture, we’d love to hear from you.


At Word Monster, flexibility is one of our core values; it’s how we attract top-notch talent. And ‘cos we’re not fussy about fixed hours and wotnot, we can offer a casual, temporary arrangement that suits you.

Our temporary, casual hours arrangement is perfect for...

  • Students who are taking a break from MedComms, yet still wanna keep their foot in the door

  • Travellers who want flexible, project-based work to help fund their jet-setting lifestyle

  • Parents who need their work to fit around their busy lives (not the other way round)

If you’d like to learn more, contact us.