WM Australia Press Release

Word Monster goes global as medical writing support service sweeps Sydney

The company now offer their life-first and remote-only workstyle to medical writers and healthcare clients in Australia

Today sees the launch of Word Monster (a Monster Medical Group company) in Sydney, Australia. The expansion aims to help curb the extreme surge in global demand for specialist healthcare advertising and medical communications content services.

Word Monster are a communications agency with multi-talented senior medical writing expertise all in one place: a one-stop shop for both technical medical writing and creative medical copywriting. They partner with and support healthcare agencies across the globe, writing for the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, charities and research organisations.

With now more than 30 medical writers, editors and referencers across the UK and Australian teams, and having serviced over 90 clients, they’ve grown to become the largest dedicated medical writing support agency in the world.

Dr Carl Owen, Founder and Global Managing Director, said “I built Word Monster to be the go-to medical writing agency for like-minded writers and clients. Our writers enjoy a low-stress, freedom-filled, life-first culture. And our clients get top‑notch writing services with a smile.”

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid advancement of workplace globalisation and ginormous shifts in attitudes towards workplace flexibility. We’ve been perfectly positioned to capitalise on these opportunities as supreme flexibility is part of our core being – underlined by our recent acknowledgement as the 4th most flexible company in the UK.”  

“I’m so excited to build our global ‘anywhere, anytime, anyhow’ workforce. With further global expansion and our own medical writing academy on the horizon, we can now truly hire and train the right people, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.”

Ellie Judd, Managing Director Australia, said “I’m thrilled to bring the incredible Word Monster culture to Australia, providing people with ultimate freedom, autonomy and trust, with continued opportunities to grow and develop in their own style. I’ve seen this magic knit together the most amazing team in the UK. Once Australia is up and running, I’ll quickly be looking at setting up in New Zealand and perhaps further afield.”

“We’re now set to create medical writing jobs across the world that let people put their own lives first.”

Word Monster are already operating on the ground, servicing new Australian agency clients.

Find out more about our services or check our our live roles if you’d like to be among the first to explore what a medical writing opportunity in Australia could look like for you.