Turn out the lights, it’s business time…

Are you working late again? Have a project that you can’t see the light on? Or are the projects just coming in too thick and fast? We’ve all been there – up all night thinking ‘how the what now!?’ is this ever going to happen. Looming deadlines can be the thing of nightmares.

But for some of us, when darkness falls, being wide awake and rubbing shoulders with others that go bump in the night is a lifestyle choice – and a welcome one at that.

Research has shown that night owls can be creative masterminds. Italian professor Marina Giampietro looked at whether or not having a morning or evening disposition affected creative thinking (published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences). They discovered that evening types aced each test based on criteria such as originality, elaboration, fluidity and flexibility… leaving us to believe that this dark space is actually a breeding ground for the entrepreneurs and ideas people among us.

It’s no surprise that many famous lightbulb moments have often come to the Einstein’s and Shakespeare’s of us on the darkest of nights. Makes you feel a little more motivated to burn the midnight oil, doesn’t it.

It’s not all about the Dolly Parton style these days – there’s a whole other world out there beyond that 5 o’clock window.

At Word Monster, a healthy work–life balance is key for our troop. We’re not flat out every night or anything. But we do like to help our clients out with the stressful times and tight timelines.

That’s why we created our out‑of‑hours service. We call it ‘After Dark’. It’s the same monster services but with one difference. It’s dark outside. Perfect for last-minute deadlines, unforeseen workloads or progressing projects while you’re sleeping or out-and-about.

Is it a blog? Is it a reference pack? No, it’s a speaker slide deck… ah man! Whatever it is, we offer After Dark time slots in the early mornings, evenings and weekends. 

So, go take a nap and take your weekend back – we’ve got this.

Email us on or call our Head Monster on 01344 303341.

Monsters that lurk in the dark aren’t always such a bad thing…