The 6 AM Club

Have you ever read a self-help book?

We are always on the lookout for tips on how to “get double the amount of work done in half the time” or “perfect your daily routine to become a productivity machine”.

And, with so much advice out there, we have often found ourselves really straying down the metaphorical rabbit hole: Looking for ways to become more productive . . . then ways of becoming productive in learning how to become more productive . . . then becoming more productive in learning how to learn how to be more productive . . . then . . .

Well, you get the point – these things can really start to get out of hand.

But, one piece of advice in particular that seems to come up so often is the idea of “joining the 6 AM Club” (or sometimes even the 5 or 4 AM club, depending on who you listen to). Which, in essence, is just another way of saying “wake up earlier – and get more done by working longer hours.”

Now, of course, the theory behind this idea is pretty self-explanatory. With more hours in the day, you would assume that it would only be natural to get more done.

However, in practice, is that really the case?

No doubt, we have all experienced times when we have woken up early with the best intentions to accomplish so much in the day, yet have ended up burning ourselves out by lunchtime. And, in fact, when we consider things in the longer term, the day-to-day grind of all work and no play is not only likely to negatively impact our productivity, but it can also actually be extremely detrimental to our mental health too, leaving us feeling out of balance and emotionally drained.

So, that is why here at Monster HQ, we place much more importance on actually allowing our team to work to their own hours, rather than having to join any kind of “6 AM club”.

No, this doesn’t mean that we get to take things easy by playing video games all day (sadly!).

We work hard – we take on ambitious projects – and we deliver world class content for our clients.

But, even when working to tight deadlines, one of the foundations of our philosophy has always been the idea of working effectively. Not just hard. And thus, we focus on the quality of our working hours as opposed to simply the quantity.

So, if you are someone who really does enjoy an early start, or subscribing to the “6 AM club” – then great! We love the enthusiasm! And will meet you for the sunrise!

But, if you would rather have the freedom to wake as part of the 8 or 9 AM club instead, or set aside an hour or two during the middle of the “working day” to go for a relaxing walk, or take a little longer to actually enjoy your lunch break (rather than just scoffing it down in between checking emails) – then that is perfectly fine with us too.

As long as the work is produced on time, and to the right standard, then there are plenty of hours in the day to work, play, rest, and set about conquering the Monsterverse.

We work at our best, when we work in a way that is best for us.