Making the jump with a bump

‘Am I bonkers’ I asked myself, watching Pablo Escobar escape the clutches of the Columbian police* – yet again. ‘Not as crazy as Hermilda. She’s one heck of a fruit loop’ I replied. ‘You’re one to talk’ I said. ‘You’re talking to yourself again’.

And in that moment I realised I was mad. Mad enough to quit my job and leap into freelance medical copywriting, despite a hefty mortgage and 3.5 mouths to feed.

You guessed it – we’re pregnant. I quit my job 4 weeks ago. Baby number two is due in November. And now I’m free… free… freefalling into a giant, burning hot, swirling monetary cataclysm.

No really, it’s fine. We’ve been plotting and scheming like the Underwood’s† since January – albeit with a little less murderous intent… those feelings are in the past, back when I was an employee. I’ve done my homework, sorted the Word Monster branding and website‡, and even lined up some work – all part of the master plan.

If you’ve ever considered the jump, you’ll know that these kind of decisions aren’t easy. But those inner doubts must be quashed: Can I afford it? Do I have enough experience? Will I get enough work?

The answer is yes.

Yes, I can afford it. I stashed enough cash to last 3 months without work – just in case.

Yes, I have plenty of experience. Besides, a wise woman once told me that talent trumps experience. And I firmly believe this to be true.

Yes, I will get enough work because I have steely, Superman-like determination and a burning desire to succeed. Amazingly, I’ve already had to turn down a fair amount of work.

Great things come to those who don’t wait. Fortune favours the brave.

Wish me luck!

* Narcos. You knew that though, right?
† House of Cards. Of course you knew. Good taste.
‡ Sarah Pritchard: