LEGO a no-go

LEGO is great fun. But for those people adjusting to barefoot home-working life, a LEGO brick can be the thing of nightmares.

It only takes one incident of stepping on a LEGO brick to scar your brain with a memory that will stick with you for life.

The searing pain felt when the nubs of one of those bricks dig into the sole of your foot is like no other pain or experience of home working, and we want to do our bit to make sure that this suffering comes to an end.

Today, Word Monster has joined the national public health awareness campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of LEGO bricks being left on floors by both children and adults alike.

We want to help people understand the true importance of making sure each and every brick is tucked away in that toy box at night. 

Parent and home worker Carl Owen said: “I remember the very first time I stepped on a LEGO brick. It came out of nowhere – just snuck up on me like Batman. I have no idea who left it out. They’re so damn small as well, so it isn’t easy to navigate the carpeted terrain between my office desk and the bathroom in low light. I just wasn’t ready for that. I don’t think I ever will be”

“I love LEGO but what I don’t need during the working day is the imprint of a rainbow-coloured village in my foot. It’s just not right. This needs to stop.”

Those wanting to join us in making sure LEGO users play with their bricks responsibly should visit: