A change in direction

I have joined a revolution: my work-life now works for me.

I’ve become part of the Word Monster team, a medical writing agency start-up that is set to become the go‑to for science and healthcare writing agencies.

Signing on the dotted line was a no brainer. I knew from the moment I saw the tone of job spec. Not to mention the modern perks, 100% remote working and fully flexible working hours.

So, what’s working from home been like? Is it more than just never missing a delivery again?

Yes! This is the best part. It means I’m trusted to do a great job – very motivational! No more micro-management; I’m feeling more productive than ever before. Plus, no need to travel is doing wonders for my sanity – more time with family and friends. Less stress.

I started to wonder if it’s all too good be true. Have you ever felt the excitement of a new job swiftly turn into a sense of trepidation? ‘Hold on a sec, can I actually do this?’. For me, this fear struck me in the shadowy form of creativity. Memories of art classes in school and failed attempts of being in a band during those teenage years still bring on a cold sweat!

Three months into the job and… ‘what fear’? There is no fear. The fear has gone! I’m a long way from handing out creative advice, but I have discovered that creativity is everywhere – I just had to open my eyes.

I work in different places, splitting my time between a quiet home office, a close-knit shared workspace – filled with people from all walks of life – and a community arts centre. There is so much inspiration that can be drawn from the people and places all around me. Unfortunately, this means we are back to missing deliveries – sometimes even when I’m at home!

I am a scientist and a logical thinker by trade, but for me, 2018 is the year of creative new beginnings. And I’m loving it!

What do you like best about remote working? Leave a comment below.