7 reasons working from home sucks

Do you know someone who works from home? I bet they’ve said how great it is. Well, they lied to you. It sucks. Here’s why:

  1. You have bad hair. It’s that extra hour in bed every morning. I heard lie-ins at the weekend are bad for you. And this is every single weekday. It’s terrifying.
  2. You can’t forget your trainers. No more excuses to avoid lunchtime runs. What an absolute nightmare.
  3. You always need the loo. Back in the office, seven cups of tea every day bordered on socially unacceptable. Now you can drink all the tea in the world. Delicious.
  4. You have to make your own lunch. Who has the energy to butter bread and grate cheese? Seriously. Remember those days of wandering into town and eating like a hero? They’re gone. What on Earth to do with an extra £25-a-week? Maybe I’ll buy a hair brush.   
  5. Your car hates you. The battery went flat again. Lucky the commute is just across the garden. Lovely.
  6. You look like a thug. But hoodies and tracksuit bottoms are soooo comfortable. Penguin slippers too.
  7. You are all alone. No meetings, distractions or bosses. You actually get to do some work. It’s strange.

If working from home is the future, we’re all doomed.