About Spinnie

Dr Ben MakinSenior Writing Monster

I’m passionate about science communication. The “science” part led me to move to Cornwall to get a PhD in biology, and the “communication” part drove me to run science chat shows on a bunch of local radio stations (that are still going!).

You’ve guessed it – I’m a bit of a geek. I’ve got three degrees in biology and a scientific publication in Current Biology. However, I still try and remain somewhat ‘cool’ by playing guitar, although I am not convinced that this has worked. I don’t subject listeners of my own radio show to my music (that would be truly cruel; I usually just play Rod Stewart), but BBC Introducing very kindly regularly plays my songs – thank you, guys! Want a tasty riff with your slide deck? I’m your man – if only this were a service we offered. One for the future, Carl?

I am now proud to be working in the Word Monster team, fulfilling the dream: helping to communicate medical science as part of various projects, an aspiration that originally took hold while completing an internship for a medical writing agency in Reading shortly before doing my PhD. I wish I’d said it back then: “I’ll be back” (complete with The Terminator’s trendy shades and leather jacket). But it’s not all good news: I live in Cornwall and I still can’t surf. I guess I’ll never be that cool.