About Glupan

Dr Claire McGuinness Principal Writing Monster

Having spent 14 years immersed in science and medicine, from degree through PhD, and as a writer both at agencies and in-house, I’m now at home tackling all manner of briefs across a wide variety of therapeutic areas. Every treatment has a story to tell, a need to fulfill – and I am passionate about creating meaningful tactics and strategies that empower target audiences and stakeholders alike.

As a medical writer, I have worked for and with some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies across an array of therapeutic areas, comprising oncology, including immunotherapies (haematological cancers, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer); infectious disease; immunology (autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency); respiratory; haematology; gastroenterology and cardiology – many of which include rare diseases.

Being able to combine my keen interest in communication with my scientific dexterity is a dream come true and I endeavor to commit this motivation to all projects I undertake, no matter the challenge or obstacle. In an increasingly crowded and complicated treatment landscape, I strive to help our clients stand out.