About Bumble

Gabby NedeleaWriting Monster

After the completion of a BSc in Biomedical Sciences (First Class Honours) and a MRes in Medical Microbiology (Distinction) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, I felt it was time to put my passion for science communication to good, practical use and pursue a career in Med Comms – a field I’d heard so much about, yet knew so little of.

Research had already become a passion of mine, after being involved in two fully sponsored ‘summer’ studentships in 2019 and 2020; these were set to last for 16 weeks in total, however, the findings of my studies propelled me onto an overall research project that spanned for a little over 2 years, whilst also leading to a 6-month research project in collaboration with the University of Washington.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting my findings at several scientific conferences throughout my degrees, most notably at the Annual Microbiology Society Conference in 2020 and The European Wound Management Association Annual Conference in 2021. Along the way, my research led to several publications in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, as I became more knowledgeable about scientific communications and the various areas of expertise within the field.

As part of the Word Monster team, I’ve worked on various exciting projects, spanning from design/illustrative work, to Veeva briefs, writing e-mails for healthcare professionals, creating e-learning resources, researching clinical trials, preparing training materials for big pharma companies and more.
My background spans microbiology and infectious diseases, as well as haematology, genomics, and immunology, but I love nothing more than learning about new research areas and finding the best ways to disseminate findings to the wider public.

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